Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick and Simple Make up for glasses

hello everyone!
If you wear glasses and you're wondering how you can make yourself look good without having to take them off, then this is your place to be!
It's not complicated at all, just read those tips... ;)

If you are nearsighted, your eyes will look smaller behind glasses. On the other hand, if you are farsighted, then glasses will make your eyes look larger.

This is what you are going to need to do:

-Conceal under your eyes using a concealer that really suits you! (Yellow, Peach, Green...) Because glasses tend to make this area quite shadowy, so this is an important step!

Quick Tip: Find an opaque concealer if you have really dark circles.

-Define your eyebrows: this is important too because glasses bring attention to the eyebrows, so you want those to look good.
Pluck your eyebrows (if needed!! )and redefine them by using any dark matte eyeshadow. This will help shape them up.

-eyeshadow: Use a light (white) eyeshadow on the lid, and a darker color (grey or brown...) on the crease, to give your eyes more depth.

Quick Tip: Prime your eyes to make your eyeshadow last longer.

-eyeliner: Use a white eyeliner to line your water line. It will make you look more awake, and make your eyes brighter.
Line your lower lashline with any color you like. I think that blue is pretty.
Also, line your lash line with a darker color, black is good.

-Lashes: Curl them if you need to. If not, then you can directly apply your favourite mascara. Don't use too much though and focus more on the lower part of your lashes.
Personally, I prefer using volumizing mascara more than lengthening mascara.

Quick Tip: If you usually use foundation, it is preferable that you use Mineral Foundation when you are wearing your glasses, because if you take them off, it might look a little smudged on the top of your nose.

You can also apply blush and lip gloss to complete your simple look.

Thanks for reading!

Be Happy && Feel Good About Yourself with and without your glasses ;)

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